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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lip Colour Injection

Lipsticks. I'm forever 'umming' and 'aaahing' at what colour, shade, effect I should be looking for. Should I get matt, satin, moisturising, the list of effects are endless. So I went out and got two very similar but very different ones (If that makes sense?!)

I actually went to Selfridges to get a nude lipstick from MAC, a lighter pigmented creamy sheen . BUT, as ever I and many people experience, the service is S*#T!! They offer so many colours and so many stuck up sales assistants to offer some help. As soon as I walked around the corner to NARS and Bobby Brown, I was greated and offered assistance instantly. Which helped me pick these two colours.

NARS - Napoli (£18) , Bobby Brown - Soft Coral 7 (£18)

They both are 'Rouge a Levres' finish, which is a creamy moisturising result, a lipstick with high pigments and a moisturising factor.

Starting with the NARS, this one is a gorgeous colour, it really compliments my olive skin tone. It looks browny but it is a nude lip colour, which assents the origional colour of your lips. It has pinky undertones so it doesn't come out brown, but more of a fleshy gloss. This is a nice lipstick for someone who doesn't wear glosses and doesn't want the harsh look of a lipstick. It's very subtle and looks great as a day or evening lipstick.

The Bobby Brown has the same finish and is very pigmented ! It is less glossy but more creamy, so when you're wearing it , it feels like you have a lip balm on.. The high pigments make it a perfect summery lipstick as it is in a very fresh colour. I wear this to brighten my face up as it's not a harsh on the lips. I wear it in the day or on a night out - it works really well for both. It is also SPF12 which is even better for a day lipstick !

The swatch of them doesn't do them much justice, I'll do a picture on my lips at some point.

(L-R) Nars Napoli - Bobby Brown - Soft Coral 7

Any questions, just ask beauties !

D E T   <3  XO

Friday, 21 October 2011

Major Faux Pas ?

I love mixing my clothes and jewellery up to my own personal style. But I've always heard that mixing silver and gold together is a MFP (Majour Faux Pas). I've seen many style icons mixing the two metals from Mary-Kate to Whitney Eve. I don't see a problem in wearing the two! You can't be expected to have a Pandora bracelet and have completely gold charms on now can you?

Personally, I think that MFP has become a DFP; Dead Faux Pas, in jewellery terms. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying go out and wear a silver dress with gold shoes, belt, jewels the lot! There are boundaries. But as for jewellery, be brave and express yourself.

These don't match in the slightest, but they worked with my outfit. I'm wearning two different shades of gold metal - one curved ring at the joint and a tiger to match my nails. On the other hand I have a silver and topaz teardrop ring. That was just my expression for today . I couldn't pick, so I wore them all. Some people will still be against silver & gold together but it's only jewellery . Lighten up (Hahah !)

Update on the Minx effect nails. I'm not feeling them to be honest. They are starting to get on my nerves. I've scratched myself so many times it's really grating on me. With having to clean down after work , washing up and showering - it's taken a big tole on them ! The ends are begining to peel making them scratchy and some are lifting. I spoke to a friend of mine who is also a nail technician; she said even Minx start to peel. They do look amazing but are not for long term wear. I will be taking these off tomorrow when I get chance. I would recommend these for a certain night out, or for a dirty unemployed person who doesn't have to put products and water to their hands. But with everything they have been through - they have stayed decent enough for me to not want to hide my hands away !!

Thaaanks for reading.

D E T <3 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Minx Inspired Nails

Hey Beauts ! I've not done a post for a while, I've been saving it for this one ! Had to grow my own nails which is proving a pain ! Every day I am getting more drawn back to acrylics ! (Eeek be strong D be stong !) I think what I have just done would look even better on my longer (Fake!) nails.. But here is the post !!

I've seen so many times celebrities wearing Minx nails . Khloe Kardashian Odom, Kim Kardashian Humphries (Who saw the wedding ?!! How beautiful did the K's look ! Anyway that's another post!), Katy Perry .. This list is ever going. Every one has been seen sporting them ! But they are quite expensive and you can't get all the latest trends in salons in the UK..

Agyness Deyn - Gold Minx Nails

Katy Perry - B/W Boxed Minx Nails.

Beyonce - Gold Minx Nails

I really really wanted Gold mirrored nails ! And finally I stumbled across these when I asked a customer in work where she got her nails done. Unbelievably - they weren't Minx but Nail Rock from New Look.

Minx Nail Homepage. (The effect I wanted!)

Minx effect nails. Nail Wraps - Nail Rocks available at NewLook - £6.00

Here is how simple they are to do..

Make sure your nails are really clean and have no excess nail varnish on them .

Take a nail file or nail buffer and buff the top of your nail. This (The same with applying acrylic nails) gets rid of any grease and dirt which will prevent the nail wraps (Or Acrylic ) to stick to the nail.

I used some tweezers to peel the wrap off and then heated it with a hair dryer and placed it over my buffed nail.

I heated the wrap and pressed it firmly down then re heated it and pressed the sides down firmly.. I reheated it and then let it cool and set.. Nine fingers later....

So easy to do ! They look amazing with the light reflecting off them ! Unfortunately they only have these designs, but I will be looking around some drug stores to see if they have any other Minx effect nails..

Thanks for reading !


D E T <3

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Row ; Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Is it just me , or can these twins do nothing wrong ! I love them ! I've grown up watching their TV shows , I actually owned their films (On tape might I add ! That's how long ago it was ) and even the autobiography. There is something about them which makes me want to see more , which I definitley see in their clothing line The Row. A glamourous sophisticated bohemian.

I can't believe that these twins were once selling clothing in George at Asda now have their own, very exclusive line designed and inspired by themselves.

I personally, love it ! It is very simple and reminds me much of Celine but can also be switched around to make a women look and feel very elegant, sophisticated and glamourous.

I know there has been a lot of controversy over one bag inparticular. The very expensive crocadile backpack.
Crocadile Backpack $39,000 (Around £24,800)

This bag flew off the shelf ! Yes, it looks absolutely amazing and I'm sure a lot of American schoolies would love to put their assignments inside of that ! But to be totally earnest, that is a bag for only someone who has too much money for sense. (To me , as a notorious bag lover, with 25k I could do and think of soo much than to buy one bag!) The culprit hasn't been named or spotted wearing it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if Petra Ecclestone were to sport it on another house hunt !

But on a serious note. Although The Row has worked with Toms who support a child in need by putting shoes on their feet (& yes I have a pair and have for over a year and half!) we have to wonder about the animal used for the bag... Just a thought...

D E T <3

Blackberry & RIM

I thought I wold do a post on this for everyone who is wondering what the hell Blackberry are doing with their server !

I myself am a proud owner of a Blackberry ! I've had one for nearly two yearrs . I bought the Iphone4 when it came out (It lasted three whole weeks!) I hated the thing ! Don't get me wrong, the apps are amazing - but I never had any time to play around on them anyway . So I switched back to BB!

Blackberry Bold 8900

I use my Blackberry for work and socialising. I travel around a lot so I need it instead of carrying a laptop around. I find it quite vital I keep intouch with people, events , work scheduals and emails. So now on day three, i'm getting a little p*~##!! off..

Blackberry attempted an update on it's software but suffered some corruption problems leading to over 70mil users services to be down ! If this is the work of some computer geek, sitting in their bedroom planting viruses and hacking things then WELL DONE you've succeeded !

Hopefully Blackberry will sort this out soon and I don't have to strap my laptop to my legs any longer !

D E T <3 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nail Trend - Reverse French Chevron

I love nail art and trying new designs out ! I am always open to try anything out and always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

I saw this picture and thought I would have a try at it ! It looks amazing and some how I thought it wouldn't be as hard to achieve .. Urrrmmm

Inverted French Chevron as seen at Essie

I have to say before hand. This is something you need to do carefully & with a fair bit of time on your hands ! Also, this was my first attempt - I am not a nail technician of any sort so my nails are not going to be perfect! So please, hold the bad comments ! But here is a step by step to how I created a similar look.

Firstly I boxed the tops of my little nails off so they were a cute square shape. I didn't do a base coat or a first colour because I wasn't sure on how they would turn out as it was my first go ! I wasn't planning on wearable results !

I then cut some sello tape up into squares and placed them diamondly at the cuticle, over lapping some of the nail.

I then painted over my nail in this:

Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Black Cab - £2.99

I did two coats then waited for it to dry, then peeled the sellotape off .
 If you are going to attempt this then make sure it dries or when you peel the sellotape off it will lift the varnish and smudge !

And ... The results...

For my first try I think I've done alright, as they say Practice Makes Perfect , I will definitely be trying these again ! But unfortunately they will only be staying on for another day because I have purchased some new exciting polishes I will share with you all !!


D E T <3

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

REVIEW : Nars Bronzer (Laguna)

I was going to do this post last night but I ended up going to the River Island lock-in instead which makes me wonder, should I do any hauls? Hmmm..

I always hear about people needing to find a good bronzer. A suitable one which could be used throughout the day time and not look too dark and over the top .. Or a night one which doesn't leave you looking like a orange drag !  We've all had it were we look on photos the next day and see a huge streak up the side of our faces ! I have naturally an olive complexion and find this bronzer perfect for contouring my cheeks.

Nars Bronzing Powder - £24

This powder is available in three shades, Laguna - Being the lightest, Irresistablement, and Casino - the darkest.
Laguna (Lightest shade)

I use Laguna which is the lightest shade. They say that this is for light skin tones and the Casino , the darkest shade, is for an olive complexion but I personaly find that this works amazingly and is the perfect shade for what I want out of it.

When using it for contouring, I find it is amazing. It isn't too dark to make you look like your dying but gives a subtle shading with max effect ! It has a warmer tone to it as well, which allows for it to be used all over your face for a sun kissed, fresher look !

What I used to find in some bronzers I used, was the shimmer in them produced an effect which made me look like a childrens entertainer. It was over powering when I would step under a light or when a photo was taken. This has minimal shimmer which doesn't leave the feeling of a disco ball but gives a nice natural glow under the cheek bones and to where ever else you would use it.

I would recommend this to light - olive skin tones. But if you are looking for a harsher more defined look when contouring or bronzing I would pick a darker shade. Although it is expensive, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative - I would chose one which has a small amount of shimmer and a golden peachy undertone which accentuates your complexion.

If you want to get an idea to the intensity I have I have read about Kourtney Kardashian using it with her glowing skin tone and also Audrina Partridge who has a lighter skin tone..

D E T <3


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

REVIEW : Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser

Sorry that I haven't done a post for a while for anyone reading. I have been a bit sick and recently came out of hospital - just haven't been feeling the best to do any sort of post. Sorry if you have been checking and I haven't posted or replied for a while.


A review. Whenever I go to the Clinique section in Selfridges to either get some skin care or my foundation I always see people getting a tutorial on the 3 Step Cleanser . I have purchased that - which is to be used everyday (But my skin type has changed so it does more bad than good !) , but before you use it you need to cleanse your face . I have been using this, which was recommended with the  3 Step.

Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser - £15

This is suitable for people who have a drier skin type. I have started using this again as my skin is getting really dry with the instant weather changes this country is having !

With this product you really don't need to use a lot !! So it lasts as well (It's lasted me a lot longer than high street cleansers.) It is very gentle and soft on the skin so I would recommend it to you if you have sensitive skin.
The product leaves a very silky soft feel. Again with Clinique I thought it may leave it a bit greasy and cause some spots but it doesn't at all !! It really refreshes your skin & even takes off mascara easier than a eye make up remover. It doesn't smell awful either (Which I find a problem with some Clinique products) so it makes it a really nice cleanser.

I would recomend it to anyone, especially with dry/combination/sensitive skin. Although if you have greasier skin I feel it wouldn't be as suited as it seems to add some well needed moisture for these coming winter months.

And a quick thank you to everybody who has taken a look at my blog ! I am honestly overwhelmed with responses! Thankyou to all you lovely people ! Also a very big thankyou to  Second Hand Rose  who awarded me with a ' Your Blog Is Great' award ! Thank you so much ! (Her blog is great ! Espesh if you love fashion.)

D E T <3