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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another nail change ; Kelly rowland inspired

My last set of K/R inspired nails had taken some wear and tear and chipped like crazy ! So I've decided to try another design.

I LOVE bright nail colours, but especially with this bad weather it makes me feel more happy when I look down and see my brightly manicured set ! And whats more bright and girly than glitter and barbie pink!

I got a lovely comment left about using real glitter on nails to add a more dramatic effect. So yes , I found some glitter in my beauty draws ! (I knew it would come into use at some point !! )

This glitter powder is from Claire's accessories (It was part of a gift so I don't know the price) You can pick glitter up from craft stores, beauty stores and dressing up stores.

I painted my chosen glitter nail in a clear polish first . (You can get this from any beauty department for next to nothing!)

Here comes the messy part.
I then sprinkle the glitter over the nail that had clear varnish over.
Whilst this was drying, I paint the rest of my nails another colour.

I used 279 Bright Pink by Barry M (Available from Boots or online).

Whilst my main colour was drying, I did another coat of clear over the glitter (BUT MAKE SURE YOU WIPE THE BRUSH WITH A TISSUE BEFORE PUTTING IT BACK INTO THE VARNISH!)

I added a second sprinkle of glitter and then repeated on to my second hand.

Results !! :) There is some stray glitter on the bed of my nail but this will wash off !

Now time to clean this glitter off my desk - eeek !!


  1. I had never thought of using real glitter on nails so thanks for the tip! You paint your nails so well! When I do mine its always all over the place! Keep up the good writing and nail varnishing! XxxX

  2. Sorry for another comment-you probably think I am stalking you now!
    I am trying to follow you but the only way I can do it is through bloglovin' which I don't have an account for. Can I follow you the normal way through blogger? In your design of the blog you can add a gadget called 'followers' that is powered by Blogger. Its an easier way to follow people,so just a thought. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and stalking you now!
    Take Care

  3. Hey , I tried leaving a proper post yesterday but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Thanks for all the wonderful comments - they really made my day!

    I've been looking through your blog, i LOVE it ! It's great !! Do you read Elle Collections by any chance? I may as well come here for my fashion news and updates \! Keep up the great work ! I'l be popping through.

    Ohh ive set up my follwers thing I think, so if you want to follow or still can't could you let me know. Thank you Daniella xxx

  4. Hey :-)
    Just seen this comment. I'm now following! :-) Thanks for adding the Google Friend thinG because I really wanted to follow! Aww thankyou! Umm I normally read Look and Vogue, but I do sometimes read Bazaar,Elle and maybe Tattler and any other fashion articles in newspapers that I find or people find for me- whatever I can lay my hands on! I'm so glad you like it! It's nice to know that someone is actually reading my waffle! I presume you meant to leave this comment on my blog. Well the easy way to do it is go to one of my posts,click comments and a space will come up for you to write a comment :-) Know sounds daft but could you put this comment on my blog again coz I like to keep the comments I get so I can look back at them when I'm a wildly successful fashion writer haha! Please tell your friends and re-tweet my blog url,that would be fab! I'm doing a blog about nails soon so I will link you in on it. Us newbies have gotta help each other! Take care and keep blogging!
    Second Hand Rose

  5. Hi honey,
    Just to let you know that I've awarded you a 'Your blog is great' award!! Check out my post 'A nosey into the life of the Second Hand Rose'. Hoped will help you get more followers because I've mentioned it on my blog. Take care and keep blogging!
    Second Hand Rose


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