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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lip Colour Injection

Lipsticks. I'm forever 'umming' and 'aaahing' at what colour, shade, effect I should be looking for. Should I get matt, satin, moisturising, the list of effects are endless. So I went out and got two very similar but very different ones (If that makes sense?!)

I actually went to Selfridges to get a nude lipstick from MAC, a lighter pigmented creamy sheen . BUT, as ever I and many people experience, the service is S*#T!! They offer so many colours and so many stuck up sales assistants to offer some help. As soon as I walked around the corner to NARS and Bobby Brown, I was greated and offered assistance instantly. Which helped me pick these two colours.

NARS - Napoli (£18) , Bobby Brown - Soft Coral 7 (£18)

They both are 'Rouge a Levres' finish, which is a creamy moisturising result, a lipstick with high pigments and a moisturising factor.

Starting with the NARS, this one is a gorgeous colour, it really compliments my olive skin tone. It looks browny but it is a nude lip colour, which assents the origional colour of your lips. It has pinky undertones so it doesn't come out brown, but more of a fleshy gloss. This is a nice lipstick for someone who doesn't wear glosses and doesn't want the harsh look of a lipstick. It's very subtle and looks great as a day or evening lipstick.

The Bobby Brown has the same finish and is very pigmented ! It is less glossy but more creamy, so when you're wearing it , it feels like you have a lip balm on.. The high pigments make it a perfect summery lipstick as it is in a very fresh colour. I wear this to brighten my face up as it's not a harsh on the lips. I wear it in the day or on a night out - it works really well for both. It is also SPF12 which is even better for a day lipstick !

The swatch of them doesn't do them much justice, I'll do a picture on my lips at some point.

(L-R) Nars Napoli - Bobby Brown - Soft Coral 7

Any questions, just ask beauties !

D E T   <3  XO


  1. Thanks for the great review, I am always on the look for new lipsticks. I am a real cheap skate though,I don't think about spending over a tenner and I always go and see it in the shop and then buy it online to get it cheaper. I know, I'm really tight! You are starting to sway me to more expensive ones though! Looking forward to seeing what they look like on your lips! XxxX

  2. Ahh, I never think of buying them online. I have some other high street lipsticks which I love. I normally buy a high street lipstick if i'm not completely sure on the shade. These are like an investment really ! I'd be guteed if I spent £20 on a lipstick & it didn't look right. Xx

  3. Thanks for the swatches, I might have to get Soft Coral!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Love the bobbi brown one. Very pigmented. may have to try!:) x

  5. i've been wanting to try a bobbi brown lipstick forever! which one of the two do you prefer?

  6. I love the Bobby Brown lipstick, it is really creamy and really compliments my skin tone and make up.. I like the Nars one, it gives more of a shine so is really a lipstick you can wear anywhere..

    I would probably say I like the Bobby Brown one, it makes my lips feel very nurished and creamy like i'm just wearing a lip balm ..



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