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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nail trend. Help?

Hi guys !

Here is a big trend which is about to errupt. Not only have I witnessed it on nails but even cars ! It is MATT colours !

We have all been enticed by the super drying super shiny nail varnishes to hit our store ! So miss out the super shine top coat - This season is all about matt !

I love this nail trend of adding the MINX gold nail wrap and then applying a matt blue over the top.
Unfortunately , I have not found this nail varnish at a highstreet store ANYWHERE !

If anyone could send me some details or links to where I can buy a matt nail varnish - That would be great . Thanks

D E T <3


  1. OMG I love these nails! They are fabulous! I will be looking too for some nail varnish that colour! Hopefully they will be out when Autumn approaches.

  2. those nails r so different and cool! let me know if you find any matte polishes.

  3. Rimmel, Chanel and No17 all do Matte topcoats, so paint your nails in whichever colour you desire then whack on a layer of the matte topcoat and voila! mate nails, you have to be really careful in your application of colour and topcoat because sometimes it can look abit crap... and it wears off in the same way a high shine topcoat loses its shine... so over a few days it starts to show some shine through again... Hope that helps!

    1. NYX makes a good matte topcoat($1.78 @Walmart) hope this helps:0)


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