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Monday, 10 March 2014

Style Entry

Good evening guys, 

Ok, I know; I'm completely MIA, and yes, I definitely am going to write more posts. For lent, at least haha. 

Anyway, after getting back into this whole, social networking scene, I joined instagram and noticed that trends appear FAST. There are so many cool and interesting people on this app, let alone how professional smartphone pictures can look. I'm still a rookie, but practise makes perfect huh! 

So anyway, onto these trends. I noticed that something major is about to take off. Yes, I feel as though I am witnessing the beginning of an internet phenomenon in the fashion industry. 

So, as traditional instagram protocol goes, I have adhered to following a couple of fashion inspiration pages, a couple of beauty shenanigans rounded off with that fitspo malarkey. But I've noticed that non of them really interact with their followers; Except One, @styleentry.

Initially, I stumbled (key word) upon @styleentry, by clicking through relentless hashtags and links via random images with no relevance, I.e husky puppies, apple crumble, the Kardashians. We've all been there, hashtagging 'ell. Anyway, after I committed to following a page were I initially presumed it was going to be just like the other 100 thousand style inspiration pages, I noticed that actually, this one really is different. 

Seriously, what instagram page do you know that gives away free stuff, legitimately, without getting you to give your bank details or donate an organ of some kind. Now I know you will probably be reading this and thinking, well I get emails saying I've won 10million and does it ever appear!? Or in instagram world, 'like this page for 10 million followers'?! But believe me, just search #styleentry, and you will notice how many people have actually been Entering their Style! Me being one of the groupies. 

And you know what @styleentry, I thought I'd take you up on that offer. I'm not one for buying in to the hype, but I thought - well why not. It's all in good faith and a little jest never hurt anybody. And you know what that saying is, "if you don't ask you don't get."

In good faith, I couldn't actually believe it when my shirt arrived from the StyleEntry head offices! From abroad as well. We all how much postage costs, damn you Ebay! What's more impressive is that the amount of people that have ordered their FREE shirt, is unbelievable. Hundreds of people have hash tagged #styleentry wearing these awesome shirts. I literally wear mine all over, it's so cool! And the amount of people that have asked me who Joseph is, and what @styleentry is, is unbelievable. 

What's more impressive, is that being based in the UK, we always get left out of these great creative ideas. But this has literally become a world wide craze! I've noticed people from New York to Dubai rocking these cool shirts! 

We have all become a #styleentry union! and what's crazy is that the hype hasn't stopped there, there is another FREE giveaway arising. @styleentry have teamed up with Jermaine Dupri & Nu Pop Watches and they have over a thousand to give away. You can never be too optimistic when all you have to do is follow the page! It's that simple, and so so much fun. I managed to grab a shirt, I'm already thinking of which colour that I hope to win!!

So before you continue your instagram click and browse routine every night, make sure that you definitely check out this instagram page @danielle_turn. Haha No, I'm joking, you need to head to #styleentry and actually check out the hype for yourself. Click follow and just wait for the opportunity to pop up on a post for a Nu Pop Watch! (Too many pops?! Well, it's poppin'! Yeah, I said it haha)

How fun is this? Check out the instagram hype and leave a comment for your fantastic freebies! 

See you all your Style Entry's over there!! 

Thank you for reading,

D x

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  1. Wow that's so cool, I'm going to try this! You look good in the shirt by the way! Lovely to see you blogging again! :-) XxxX


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