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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Minx Inspired Nails

Hey Beauts ! I've not done a post for a while, I've been saving it for this one ! Had to grow my own nails which is proving a pain ! Every day I am getting more drawn back to acrylics ! (Eeek be strong D be stong !) I think what I have just done would look even better on my longer (Fake!) nails.. But here is the post !!

I've seen so many times celebrities wearing Minx nails . Khloe Kardashian Odom, Kim Kardashian Humphries (Who saw the wedding ?!! How beautiful did the K's look ! Anyway that's another post!), Katy Perry .. This list is ever going. Every one has been seen sporting them ! But they are quite expensive and you can't get all the latest trends in salons in the UK..

Agyness Deyn - Gold Minx Nails

Katy Perry - B/W Boxed Minx Nails.

Beyonce - Gold Minx Nails

I really really wanted Gold mirrored nails ! And finally I stumbled across these when I asked a customer in work where she got her nails done. Unbelievably - they weren't Minx but Nail Rock from New Look.

Minx Nail Homepage. (The effect I wanted!)

Minx effect nails. Nail Wraps - Nail Rocks available at NewLook - £6.00

Here is how simple they are to do..

Make sure your nails are really clean and have no excess nail varnish on them .

Take a nail file or nail buffer and buff the top of your nail. This (The same with applying acrylic nails) gets rid of any grease and dirt which will prevent the nail wraps (Or Acrylic ) to stick to the nail.

I used some tweezers to peel the wrap off and then heated it with a hair dryer and placed it over my buffed nail.

I heated the wrap and pressed it firmly down then re heated it and pressed the sides down firmly.. I reheated it and then let it cool and set.. Nine fingers later....

So easy to do ! They look amazing with the light reflecting off them ! Unfortunately they only have these designs, but I will be looking around some drug stores to see if they have any other Minx effect nails..

Thanks for reading !


D E T <3


  1. I didn't get on with nail rock, mine were the worst brand I've ever tried! :D I love nailease, if you like nail wrap give them a go, no heat and they last longer and more designs!
    Lucy x

  2. Ahh yeah Thanks Lucy. I will check them ones out ! X

  3. wow that gold color is so gorgeous. i agree, the way the light reflects off the polish is so pretty :)



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