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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kelly Rowland inspired nails

Hi !

As you will find out , I am a huge nail art fan ! I'm always looking for designs and trends I can replicate on my nails.

I do normally have acrylic nails on - but I'm going through the transition everyone who regulary wears acrylics should do ! Me and acrylics are 'Going on a break !!' . This is just so my natural nail can restore itself properly from the damage and strengthen ! Like with your hair, having deep conditioning treatments and giving it a break from heated products. This is what I am doing with my nails !

I've had acrylics on continuously for quite a while - since about Aug/September of last year (With a few minor breaks inbetween) . Whilst on these breaks i try not to even put nail varnish on but my nails are on the track of being completely restored now so it's design time !!

I have a routine I use before I start painting;
                                              Nail Buffing!
I buff the top of my nails lightly just to get excess dirt of and to stimulate growth. (You can pick these buff blocks up at any beauty store [Boots, Superdrug, Body Care] or even the beauty stalls on markets)
                                       Moisturising cream.
I then moisturise my nail and hand. You can get special nail cream from any beauty store, but I am using Planet Spa from Avon 'Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream' . It has a really nice natural smell and leaves your hands fresh and really soft !

                                           Filing !
Then I file my nails to my prefered shape which is square cut. So I box the edges off neatly. I use the red glass file to do mine (Not sure were it is from - it was a gift off my brother). Depending on how sharp I want my nail look to be, I use the harder classic brown files (These are available ANYWHERE & are really cheap!)

KELLY ROWLAND & her nail trend!

This is the trend the beautiful Xfactor judge Kelly Rowland has been sporting on her nails. She has had a strong main reddy/pink hue colour and gold as the accent..

 Here again she has two colours on her fingertips. Gold and the main hue and a canary yellow as the accent.

This is my version !! I did two coats of gold varnish (From Internacional clothes shop), two coats of baby pink ( and three coats of the pink glitter (boutique stall on the market).

I love this ! It's a simple cool and trendy look for short nails !!

D E T <3


  1. this is amazing!!! i love it, although i dont think its just gilter nail ploish on the pink and gold seems to me that it has a sprinkle of gold gilter (arts and craft) type of thing. i have tried this and it looks almost identical to kelly's.xx

  2. you version is not very nice but kellys is amazing ! i love her :)


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