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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Row ; Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Is it just me , or can these twins do nothing wrong ! I love them ! I've grown up watching their TV shows , I actually owned their films (On tape might I add ! That's how long ago it was ) and even the autobiography. There is something about them which makes me want to see more , which I definitley see in their clothing line The Row. A glamourous sophisticated bohemian.

I can't believe that these twins were once selling clothing in George at Asda now have their own, very exclusive line designed and inspired by themselves.

I personally, love it ! It is very simple and reminds me much of Celine but can also be switched around to make a women look and feel very elegant, sophisticated and glamourous.

I know there has been a lot of controversy over one bag inparticular. The very expensive crocadile backpack.
Crocadile Backpack $39,000 (Around £24,800)

This bag flew off the shelf ! Yes, it looks absolutely amazing and I'm sure a lot of American schoolies would love to put their assignments inside of that ! But to be totally earnest, that is a bag for only someone who has too much money for sense. (To me , as a notorious bag lover, with 25k I could do and think of soo much than to buy one bag!) The culprit hasn't been named or spotted wearing it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if Petra Ecclestone were to sport it on another house hunt !

But on a serious note. Although The Row has worked with Toms who support a child in need by putting shoes on their feet (& yes I have a pair and have for over a year and half!) we have to wonder about the animal used for the bag... Just a thought...

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