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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nail Trend - Reverse French Chevron

I love nail art and trying new designs out ! I am always open to try anything out and always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

I saw this picture and thought I would have a try at it ! It looks amazing and some how I thought it wouldn't be as hard to achieve .. Urrrmmm

Inverted French Chevron as seen at Essie

I have to say before hand. This is something you need to do carefully & with a fair bit of time on your hands ! Also, this was my first attempt - I am not a nail technician of any sort so my nails are not going to be perfect! So please, hold the bad comments ! But here is a step by step to how I created a similar look.

Firstly I boxed the tops of my little nails off so they were a cute square shape. I didn't do a base coat or a first colour because I wasn't sure on how they would turn out as it was my first go ! I wasn't planning on wearable results !

I then cut some sello tape up into squares and placed them diamondly at the cuticle, over lapping some of the nail.

I then painted over my nail in this:

Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Black Cab - £2.99

I did two coats then waited for it to dry, then peeled the sellotape off .
 If you are going to attempt this then make sure it dries or when you peel the sellotape off it will lift the varnish and smudge !

And ... The results...

For my first try I think I've done alright, as they say Practice Makes Perfect , I will definitely be trying these again ! But unfortunately they will only be staying on for another day because I have purchased some new exciting polishes I will share with you all !!


D E T <3


  1. Thanks for showing us a great nail style,I've never thought of using sellotape! You did really well,they look fab! XxxX

  2. Aaw thanks honey !! <3 DetBeau xx

  3. It was exactly what I need, thank you!! :)


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