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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mascara Drama

I get a lot of people asking me for the best make-up items, items I swear by, and my friends rummaging through my make-up asking for tips and tricks, especially with mascara, this is one of the main questions I get asked about. I have naturally very long eye lashes, and to get my super long super separated look, I use a couple of mascaras. Not one, but depending on how big I want my lashes, I can use up to three to four.

First thing is, when you are looking for a mascara, DO NOT look at the advertisements. Mascara adverts are the most misleading adverts of them all. We all know that the super beautiful models have lash inserts on. This could be a couple of lashes at the ends, or a full set of extensions. So DO NOT be fooled by their amazingly long, super separated lashes, because they aren't real, and it is rare that we will achieve that amazing airbrushed look.

Secondly.. The name of the mascara. Don't be fooled by the name of the new mascara. 'Telescopic Lashes', 'Extension Lash Mascara', 'Define-A-Lash', 'Magnif-eyes' 'Volume Million Lashes' 'Collossal Volume', the list could go on. This name,  hence I have highlighted 'name', is a name only ! It is what the brand have called their new product. It is very misleading, but so is the advert displaying the product. The company aren't publicising that their product will do anything, the name - teamed with a picture of a beautiful set of falsies, are making you believe that their mascara will give that effect.

Thirdly, the reviews of the mascara. You will notice on some adverts that the company have interviewed somebody who LOVES the mascara, or have done a survey with a percentage of people who witnessed a change in their lashes. This again, is very misleading. The company will select certain people to give reviews on, they are not random females found on the street. They will go through a selection process, and those who have the lashes they are looking for - who will get the best effect from the mascara i.e 'long, dence' lashes, will be used.

Returns. The best thing for a mascara company is the health and saftey act. As the mascara has touched your eye, you cannot return it for health reasons. Which is why you cannot, or should not, try a mascara out in a shop. So if the mascara doesn't work for you, you're not alone, we've all felt our money go down the drain.

A key tip I give out, is find a mascara which will work for you and stick with it . The brush is everything ! I use MAC Plush Lash mascara as a base. This has a thick dense brush which grabs all my lashes separately without clumping them together as well as lengthening subtly. For certain occasions use Clinique on the top of MAC, as this darkens and clings to the already separated lashes, giving them an extreme length. A good mascara will separate and darken your lashes giving an elongated 'lengthening' look. So find a brush which will work for your lashes.

                   MAC Plush Lash £14 ,
 Clinique High Impact Mascara, £16

 Also, the amount of product which is distributed onto the brush. If it is too tight when you pull the brush out, you won't get enough product, if it is too loose you will be subject to clumpy lashes.

If you have a brush you like to use, but you've finished your mascara, try using the brush with a cheaper alternative and you should get the same if not very similar results!

TOP TIP if you are subject to clumpy lashes, do one coat and then wait for it to dry, then reapply. The extreme amount of wet product is what clumps your lashes together, so take some patience in drying time, it is all worth it when your lashes are looking amazing!

Hope this helps some of you .. Let me know if any of these tips work for you !

D E T <3


  1. Ooh, mascaraI I definitely have a bit of an obsession!
    Thanks for sharing the tips and products!

    Sharleena xx

  2. Such a great post! I think we all easily get caught up in the adverts and the names of it. A good mascara is hard to find and I know I've spent so much time scoring the internet for reviews! I really want big thick lashes, I think it's just trial and error with them. Thanks for the great tips! XxxX


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