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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Urgh , Acne.

Unfortunately, I'm not about to discuss some amazing new Acne clothing, I am talking about those dreaded pimples.

I recently read a story in the news about a young girl who has taken her life through depression over her acne .. This story was heart breaking to read as I have been through the long hearted process of going through numerous treatments for my acne.

I used to suffer with acne like most teenagers. I was told over and over again that they were just ''teenage spots'', ''everybody gets them'', ''wash your face properly, exfoliate ..'' , ''they're not even bad'' blah blah blahhh . However, I was lucky enough to be put on medication for my acne, which was a long trial and error process, but luckily-  I cannot be called ''young pimpernel'' anymore .. It was a combination of genetics and hormones to why I was breaking out.. (I don't want to bore you all, but if anybody is reading who is suffering with acne and wants some advice, I have been on a long hearted process of drugs - So I can do a separate post for you.)

So, before I managed to drag myself to the doctors, I tried every home remedy possible.. Especially with having little money when I was younger, I couldn't always just splash out on Clearasil so I had to find some household products which would do the trick!

Out of all of them, here are my two favourites which I find give the best results ..


This is something I have been using for years now. It is so accessible to anybody.

Orange peels are acidic and a great anti-oxidant being packed with vitamin C, so making a paste with the peel helps to fight excess sebum/oil the face produces.

Wash the orange in its whole form then grate the peel into a bowl.. When you feel you have enough orange for the affected area or for the full face add a tiny bit of water to create a paste .. Make sure your face is washed and your hands are clean (You don't want to transport bacteria ) .. Then just apply the orange paste.. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes (if you can! ). You will get a stinging feeling on your face, but don't worry - that's normal.. Just try and fight it. Then after your time is up, wash it off and your face will be fruity and refreshed..

You may start to notice the difference in the first go, but this a very natural way to fight spots.

Another treatment I use is :


Only aspirin and only aspirin should be used in this situation.

Aspirin is an anti inflammatory which helps reduce the redness brought on by spots, it also helps to dry out the spot and prevents the clogging of pores which makes it perfect to be used on the dreaded acne. 

Just take 1-2 tablets and place them in the palm of your hand, sprinkle tiny drops of water over the tablet till it breaks up into a bitty paste formula which isn't too runny to stick to your skin.. Apply it over the affected area and leave to dry.. As it begins to dry it tends to dust off. So to avoid getting it in your eyes, it is best to lie back and relax for 10minutes.

Because this is a medicine, it is adviced to take precautions, so please make sure if you are going to use this method, you check for allergies and use it in reason.

Both of these are known to work for me and many other numerous people. Let me know how they work out for you !

D E T <3

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Revive Me

We're out of the January blue month and nearly half way in to February, back into the regime and have no 'reason' to be feeling a need for another holiday, although our skin may be saying different..

I stumbled upon this in Home Bargains, they do great beauty products at such a discount price. So I thought I would try a new face mask. They have a couple of different masks from this range which have different beneficial properties as well.

Refresh and Revive facial sheet mask , Home Bargains , (around ) 90pence.

This was a little dearer than the usual Montagne Jeunesse face masks, they were about 79pence. This inparticular one claims to improve the tightness, revival and lifting of skin, but being the green tea guzzler I am, I was a sucker for the Stem Cell line.

So you wash and dry your face as normal, then apply the mask..

The folded mask.

The mask comes drenched in the product which contains a protein growth factor to help strengthen the skin. You leave this on for 15-20 minutes and then peel off and patt the skin slightly for any remains to absorb in.

The mask smells amazingly fresh and it is really calming to the skin once applied. It is very refreshing and leaves the skin feeling soft and revived. I did notice some tightness, especially on my forhead. It has left my face smelling and feeling refreshly nourished. Although one thing I could fault would be the size of the mask. I would of liked it to continue down my neck rather than just my face. But other than that, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be buying some more.

Has anybody tried these out? If you haven't and can get to a Home Bargains, these are definitely worth checking out.. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

BodyCare Bargain

We all love a good bargin, especially with this credit crunch making it harder to justify splurging a couple of quid here and there on unnecessary items. However, finding those bargains can come at a struggle, especially with every shop claiming to have discounts, grand saving totals and big bold percentage off signs to put even the most clued up shopper in a frenzy over whether they have witnessed it cheaper elsewhere..

One thing is for sure, you all need to check out the big black box at the front of your Body Care. Although it may seem cheap, embarassing and feel like you are on display with everybody judging you, the baseline is that you will be surprised at what you can find in there. From baby, bath and beauty products all at an unbelievably low price, it is worth a rumage.

I managed to pick up this beautiful orangey/coraly/pink nail varnish for 19pence ! (That is less than a Freddo !) This will be used so much in the summer, but for now it can help brighten this snow up!

Body Care - Wet & Wild , 19pence

I have had BC nail varnishes in the past and they have been a nightmare when it comes to drying, which puts me off greatly. But for 19pence, I thought it would be worth buying. It dried really well, within seconds, even when applying a second coat !

It is definitely worth taking a peak into those bargain baskets!

D E T <3

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Beauty Shhmuty

Beauty Boxes.

Don't worry, this isn't a 'what's in my Glossy Box this month' (Seen as we all get the same, if not very similar!)

I have been subscribed to GlossyBox for three months now. Which I'm sure that everybody has witnessed the 'GlossyBox #Enter Month#' post on numerous blogs.  If by luck you haven't , I'll be the one to run you through the mularky.

Glossy Box is a company which delivers five delux sized high end beauty product to your door for just £12.75 (Incl postage). The boxes are either a hit or miss, as you do not know what you are going to get until it arrives. The idea behind this is great. It gives you the opportunity to try out some expensive products in the comfort of your own home and really get a feel for whether you like them.

The only problem with this is the mystery behind the products. Some people may find these boxes a hit everytime, I however, have used three sample sized products all together - which I wouldn't really recommend. It is a nice surprise when the box arrives, as the packaging is amazing ! The excitement of the wrapping and all these surprises are lovely, but when the logic of the money comes into play, it daunts on you that you could be putting that towards going to the salon, getting some make-up and even cinema tickets.. (Not even on Orange Wednesdays ! Big spender!!!)

There are also a lot of other beauty boxes to try out which offer a vast range of products from sophisticated tea leaves to candles and relaxation oils at a similar price as the Glossy Box such as Boudoir Prive or Carmine .. There is also this subscription company Latest In Beauty who, for £1 , send you three highstreet (Reality affordable) sample products , the ones we look at in Boots and question whether to waste that couple of quid on.. Which for the price, you can't go wrong on really.

Has anybody tried any of the other beauty boxes?

D E T <3