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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Urgh , Acne.

Unfortunately, I'm not about to discuss some amazing new Acne clothing, I am talking about those dreaded pimples.

I recently read a story in the news about a young girl who has taken her life through depression over her acne .. This story was heart breaking to read as I have been through the long hearted process of going through numerous treatments for my acne.

I used to suffer with acne like most teenagers. I was told over and over again that they were just ''teenage spots'', ''everybody gets them'', ''wash your face properly, exfoliate ..'' , ''they're not even bad'' blah blah blahhh . However, I was lucky enough to be put on medication for my acne, which was a long trial and error process, but luckily-  I cannot be called ''young pimpernel'' anymore .. It was a combination of genetics and hormones to why I was breaking out.. (I don't want to bore you all, but if anybody is reading who is suffering with acne and wants some advice, I have been on a long hearted process of drugs - So I can do a separate post for you.)

So, before I managed to drag myself to the doctors, I tried every home remedy possible.. Especially with having little money when I was younger, I couldn't always just splash out on Clearasil so I had to find some household products which would do the trick!

Out of all of them, here are my two favourites which I find give the best results ..


This is something I have been using for years now. It is so accessible to anybody.

Orange peels are acidic and a great anti-oxidant being packed with vitamin C, so making a paste with the peel helps to fight excess sebum/oil the face produces.

Wash the orange in its whole form then grate the peel into a bowl.. When you feel you have enough orange for the affected area or for the full face add a tiny bit of water to create a paste .. Make sure your face is washed and your hands are clean (You don't want to transport bacteria ) .. Then just apply the orange paste.. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes (if you can! ). You will get a stinging feeling on your face, but don't worry - that's normal.. Just try and fight it. Then after your time is up, wash it off and your face will be fruity and refreshed..

You may start to notice the difference in the first go, but this a very natural way to fight spots.

Another treatment I use is :


Only aspirin and only aspirin should be used in this situation.

Aspirin is an anti inflammatory which helps reduce the redness brought on by spots, it also helps to dry out the spot and prevents the clogging of pores which makes it perfect to be used on the dreaded acne. 

Just take 1-2 tablets and place them in the palm of your hand, sprinkle tiny drops of water over the tablet till it breaks up into a bitty paste formula which isn't too runny to stick to your skin.. Apply it over the affected area and leave to dry.. As it begins to dry it tends to dust off. So to avoid getting it in your eyes, it is best to lie back and relax for 10minutes.

Because this is a medicine, it is adviced to take precautions, so please make sure if you are going to use this method, you check for allergies and use it in reason.

Both of these are known to work for me and many other numerous people. Let me know how they work out for you !

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  1. Acne sucks. I never had a huge problem with it, but it was bad enough that I had to start on the Clinique acne regimen to get rid of it.
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  3. Thank you for these tips, I've tried the aspirin but never the oranges!

    Be Frassy

  4. great post!

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  6. This is a great post! Really helpful tips - thanks!


  7. Interesting remedy, will have to save this to try. x

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  10. Sorry to hear you had trouble when you where a kid. Thanks for the great advice about oranges, I never knew that! I didn't know that Aspirin was good either, you are my beauty guru! Toothpaste, Sudocrem and Herbal 31 dabbed on spots seems to help too. Thanks for the advice honey! XxxX


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