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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Beauty Shhmuty

Beauty Boxes.

Don't worry, this isn't a 'what's in my Glossy Box this month' (Seen as we all get the same, if not very similar!)

I have been subscribed to GlossyBox for three months now. Which I'm sure that everybody has witnessed the 'GlossyBox #Enter Month#' post on numerous blogs.  If by luck you haven't , I'll be the one to run you through the mularky.

Glossy Box is a company which delivers five delux sized high end beauty product to your door for just £12.75 (Incl postage). The boxes are either a hit or miss, as you do not know what you are going to get until it arrives. The idea behind this is great. It gives you the opportunity to try out some expensive products in the comfort of your own home and really get a feel for whether you like them.

The only problem with this is the mystery behind the products. Some people may find these boxes a hit everytime, I however, have used three sample sized products all together - which I wouldn't really recommend. It is a nice surprise when the box arrives, as the packaging is amazing ! The excitement of the wrapping and all these surprises are lovely, but when the logic of the money comes into play, it daunts on you that you could be putting that towards going to the salon, getting some make-up and even cinema tickets.. (Not even on Orange Wednesdays ! Big spender!!!)

There are also a lot of other beauty boxes to try out which offer a vast range of products from sophisticated tea leaves to candles and relaxation oils at a similar price as the Glossy Box such as Boudoir Prive or Carmine .. There is also this subscription company Latest In Beauty who, for £1 , send you three highstreet (Reality affordable) sample products , the ones we look at in Boots and question whether to waste that couple of quid on.. Which for the price, you can't go wrong on really.

Has anybody tried any of the other beauty boxes?

D E T <3


  1. nice post! your box is so differnt :)
    would you maybe like to follow each other?

  2. I have thought about subscribing but at the moment I really don't have any room! My problem is that it is a bit of a hit or miss and a lot of the things I probably wouldn't buy anyway! Enjoy your box! XxxX


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