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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Two Pound Glaze

If any readers didn't catch a few posts ago, I bought two lipsticks for £40; one from Bobby Brown and one from NARS. Don't get me wrong, these are luxury items, I cherish and admire their presence in my make-up bag ! But I know better than anyone what it is like to be in school and college trying to juggle the weekly spenditure allowance off your parents, or having to sit through that gastly General Studies class just for the tick in the register granting that glorious EMA allowance every week!

The thought never even crossed my mind whilst I was in school to spend over £5 on a lipstick, let alone four times that amount ! I still get reluctant to spent over £10 on a lipstick with the horrific thought that I'll get home and find the shade doesn't suit me in the slightest.

I have had my eyes on two colours of lipsticks, both by MAC and both exremely popular! One is a shade close to the (sold out!) Pink Friday shade and the other is a nude shade. I don't fancy spending £30 on two colours which may not compliment my skin or find they are too pigmented so I look like I've smeared a pot of concealer on my lips.

The next two items I have bought many-a-times from the Natural Collection make-up section at Boots. They were to test out whether the pink and nude look would suit me so I could go and buy a MAC lipstick.. But I loved them too much and for £1.99 (YES one pound ninety nine !!) I don't think it's necessary to replace them with a hit or miss £16 lipstick !

L-R, Pink Mallow & Lotus - £1.99 Boots Natural Collection

Both of these are quite sheer, but have a buildable coverage. So if you want a really pink / nude look just apply over a few more times.. Pink Mallow is a moisture shine finish and Lotus is a sheer natural finish. I like to use Lotus over Pink Mallow, I think it gives a really nice finish..

T-B, Lotus - Pink Mallow
T-B, Lotus - Pink Mallow
(With a flash) Just to give you an idea of how pink it can really look

I always use Lotus, it is one which is constantly at the bottom of my bag.. It gives a really natural sheer nude but also gives you the ability to alter how pigmented you want it. Although they don't look the most stylish lipstick to ever be brought out, I don't think you can complain for £1.99 , especially with Christmas a couple of weeks away eeeek !!

D E T <3


  1. Gorgeous purchases! I especially love that watch you are wearing! Thank you for your sweet comment lovely! I was thinking- would you like to follow one another? Kisses peach! Professor Barbie xxx

  2. I very nearly bought pink mallow yesterday in boots! Wish i had now... Theres always tomorrow! x

  3. They look like they are lovely colours! You can't beat a cheap, good lipstick! XxxX

  4. Sexy how matte they look! Just gorgeous esp put with a silver or gold dress for the holidays!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. thak's for the comment baby!!
    I hope you like my blog,and you come back !! ^^

    Maria Onorio


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