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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mattifying Kelly Rowland

To start off, I haven't done anything to my nails in 10 days ! Yes, a very long ten whole days ! I have had to count because I have sent my nails to nail rescue priory ! For ten long days I have been using this;

Rimmel Nail Rescue , £4.99 , Boots

Although I've cut four days out of the treatment I have noticed a difference with my nails. You apply one coat to your nails on day one, then add another coat on day two , then you leave them alone till day seven , take it all off and restart the process. It is a lot of faffing about. I found my nails have stopped splitting and chipping and they have hardened slightly more than usual. The treatment gives a really beautiful shiny coat, so it was nice to have natural looking nails for a change.

BUT, I was expecting big results, I think I would have the same results if I had just left my nails 14 days with out doing anything to them.. The nail varnish chips so I was left with a catch 22 . If I reapplied to all the chipped areas I would have to write a rota to keep check on which day and which nail I have applied coats to. (Even I have limits !)

Anyway, this is what cut my nail treatment process by four days !

Most of you will have seen my other Kelly Rowland nails.. Having an accent finger nail a different colour than the rest has become a really big trend. I have seen many people sporting this using different coloured nail varnishes.

Here is my third, yes third, KR inspired nails.

I've chosen the ring finger to sport a different colour.. I'm using the pink glitter from the second KR nails I did.

Clear Nail Varnish - Gift Set. Claire's glitter powder- Gift, you can pick glitter up from any craft store

I applied clear nail varnish to my nail, and sprinkled the pink glitter over. Whilst that was drying I painted the rest of the nails.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Black Cab - £2.99

I chose to use a black after going through numerous summer corals. Whilst the black was drying, I did a top coat of clear over the glitter.. (Make sure you wipe the brush with a tissue before putting it back into the varnish pot!)

I have been waiting to use this for so long...

Rimmel Matte Finish - £4.99
This is amazing ! You apply it over any dried varnish and it instantly mattifys it. I can't wait to have so much fun with this !
Mattified Kelly Rowland inspired nails

The Matte Finish tones down the black contrast to the pink. I love this mattifying varnish & have some really nice ideas to try out with it!

Now to sort the glitter massacre out !

D E T <3


  1. Your nails look gorgeous and I love the matte look, definitely putting that on my Christmas list! Can't believe you didn't do anything for ten days, you are a nail varnish addict! XxxX

  2. oooo I'm gonna try it my self.

    thanks for sharing.

    new post here


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