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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another nail change ; Kelly rowland inspired

My last set of K/R inspired nails had taken some wear and tear and chipped like crazy ! So I've decided to try another design.

I LOVE bright nail colours, but especially with this bad weather it makes me feel more happy when I look down and see my brightly manicured set ! And whats more bright and girly than glitter and barbie pink!

I got a lovely comment left about using real glitter on nails to add a more dramatic effect. So yes , I found some glitter in my beauty draws ! (I knew it would come into use at some point !! )

This glitter powder is from Claire's accessories (It was part of a gift so I don't know the price) You can pick glitter up from craft stores, beauty stores and dressing up stores.

I painted my chosen glitter nail in a clear polish first . (You can get this from any beauty department for next to nothing!)

Here comes the messy part.
I then sprinkle the glitter over the nail that had clear varnish over.
Whilst this was drying, I paint the rest of my nails another colour.

I used 279 Bright Pink by Barry M (Available from Boots or online).

Whilst my main colour was drying, I did another coat of clear over the glitter (BUT MAKE SURE YOU WIPE THE BRUSH WITH A TISSUE BEFORE PUTTING IT BACK INTO THE VARNISH!)

I added a second sprinkle of glitter and then repeated on to my second hand.

Results !! :) There is some stray glitter on the bed of my nail but this will wash off !

Now time to clean this glitter off my desk - eeek !!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

REVIEW : Clinique 7 Day scrub cream

The 7 day scrub cream is formulated to be used on ANY type of skin ! I find that it helps restore moisture into my skin, so I would recommend it to anyone who has a slightly dryer skin surface and is worried about scrub taking any moisture out. It's creamy formula works really well and washes off really easy leaving no creamy residue leaving my skin feeling really soft.

Unlike other scrubs though, the 7day cream has very small grains which I sometimes feel like I need to use a lot to feel that it is actually polishing my skin; but you really don't. Even with a pea sized amount it really brightens up your skin.

One flaw however, the smell. To me , this scrub smells a bit chemically. It smells like the filler you use to fill in a crack in your wall. Which is quite off putting as I have used other scrubs like St Ives (Which is amazing and a fraction of the price!!) which has a gorgeous refreshing apricot smell.

I would recommend this for anyone but more someone with sensitive skin. The grains are small so aren't as scratchy as other scrubs which don't irritate the skin as much. Also if you suffer from spots , its a great product which won't irritate them and make them bright red !

D E T <3

Look For Less

As soon as I saw this picture of Kourtney Kardashian filming the new Kourtney & Kim Take New York I immediately fell in love !

Everything about this outfit I l<3ve !

I personally think Kourtney is the trendiest sister - following all the trends and making them her own. A style icon who loves high street but teams it with a statement designer piece.

The key designer piece I have been looking for from this outfit is the shoes. But the two toned Chanel riders don't come a price we can all just splash out on . So here is the look for less.

These are KG from Kurt Geiger costing a minor percentage of the Chanel ones at £190. Available at any KG stocklister & Asos.

But if the statement brown doesn't take your fancy. Here is a trendy but classic riding boot style;

This boot costs a mere £60 from ASOS !! It has a elastic detailing up the side which adds to the rider look!

A very stylish winter boot !!

D E T <3

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kelly Rowland inspired nails

Hi !

As you will find out , I am a huge nail art fan ! I'm always looking for designs and trends I can replicate on my nails.

I do normally have acrylic nails on - but I'm going through the transition everyone who regulary wears acrylics should do ! Me and acrylics are 'Going on a break !!' . This is just so my natural nail can restore itself properly from the damage and strengthen ! Like with your hair, having deep conditioning treatments and giving it a break from heated products. This is what I am doing with my nails !

I've had acrylics on continuously for quite a while - since about Aug/September of last year (With a few minor breaks inbetween) . Whilst on these breaks i try not to even put nail varnish on but my nails are on the track of being completely restored now so it's design time !!

I have a routine I use before I start painting;
                                              Nail Buffing!
I buff the top of my nails lightly just to get excess dirt of and to stimulate growth. (You can pick these buff blocks up at any beauty store [Boots, Superdrug, Body Care] or even the beauty stalls on markets)
                                       Moisturising cream.
I then moisturise my nail and hand. You can get special nail cream from any beauty store, but I am using Planet Spa from Avon 'Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream' . It has a really nice natural smell and leaves your hands fresh and really soft !

                                           Filing !
Then I file my nails to my prefered shape which is square cut. So I box the edges off neatly. I use the red glass file to do mine (Not sure were it is from - it was a gift off my brother). Depending on how sharp I want my nail look to be, I use the harder classic brown files (These are available ANYWHERE & are really cheap!)

KELLY ROWLAND & her nail trend!

This is the trend the beautiful Xfactor judge Kelly Rowland has been sporting on her nails. She has had a strong main reddy/pink hue colour and gold as the accent..

 Here again she has two colours on her fingertips. Gold and the main hue and a canary yellow as the accent.

This is my version !! I did two coats of gold varnish (From Internacional clothes shop), two coats of baby pink ( and three coats of the pink glitter (boutique stall on the market).

I love this ! It's a simple cool and trendy look for short nails !!

D E T <3

Thursday, 8 September 2011

First things first.

First things first - Before I start properly blogging I have to tell you some things about me . There is no point me reviewing certain products for you if I have different needs from that product.
So here I am ;
Ready to write with my Galaxy hotchocolate in a grande Starbucks mug!

Firstly; I am a student - studying English  - in England (yes I know, I've heard all the jokes !) . I am a lover of fashion to beauty from hair to nail trends and celebrity gossip -  Pretty much the same as most of the world !

I used to suffer from acne (URGH I absolutely hate that word) but it has luckily cleared up after many (I mean MANY) trips to my GP ! So a lot of my skin care products are currently in a switch from spot prone skin to normal/combination skin, so there will be a wide range of products on the hotseat !

I have long dark brown hair which i wear in many styles so I will post some of them up with hair care reviews !!

If you can tell by my hand - I have an olive complexion, so unfortunately , if you want fake tan advice I will not be the one to hand that out .

If anyone has any requests or questions - I am by far happy to answer them ! I will try and put pictures up with all of my blog posts .

Daniella .E .T<3

Nail trend. Help?

Hi guys !

Here is a big trend which is about to errupt. Not only have I witnessed it on nails but even cars ! It is MATT colours !

We have all been enticed by the super drying super shiny nail varnishes to hit our store ! So miss out the super shine top coat - This season is all about matt !

I love this nail trend of adding the MINX gold nail wrap and then applying a matt blue over the top.
Unfortunately , I have not found this nail varnish at a highstreet store ANYWHERE !

If anyone could send me some details or links to where I can buy a matt nail varnish - That would be great . Thanks

D E T <3

I'm back !

Hi Guys ;

I've decided to give this whole blog thing another go.

After deciding it was going to be unsucessful and I would be the only one reading it , it kind of put me off wasting my time. But i'm back and going to start uploading pictures and doing some reviews of make up and beauty trends I am following or trying out and also some fashion as well.

If any one is reading this or searched for something and my blog came up - would you be so polite to leave a quick message so I know people can actually see and search this.

Thank you

D E T <3