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Thursday, 8 September 2011

First things first.

First things first - Before I start properly blogging I have to tell you some things about me . There is no point me reviewing certain products for you if I have different needs from that product.
So here I am ;
Ready to write with my Galaxy hotchocolate in a grande Starbucks mug!

Firstly; I am a student - studying English  - in England (yes I know, I've heard all the jokes !) . I am a lover of fashion to beauty from hair to nail trends and celebrity gossip -  Pretty much the same as most of the world !

I used to suffer from acne (URGH I absolutely hate that word) but it has luckily cleared up after many (I mean MANY) trips to my GP ! So a lot of my skin care products are currently in a switch from spot prone skin to normal/combination skin, so there will be a wide range of products on the hotseat !

I have long dark brown hair which i wear in many styles so I will post some of them up with hair care reviews !!

If you can tell by my hand - I have an olive complexion, so unfortunately , if you want fake tan advice I will not be the one to hand that out .

If anyone has any requests or questions - I am by far happy to answer them ! I will try and put pictures up with all of my blog posts .

Daniella .E .T<3

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