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Friday, 31 August 2012


Recently, there has been a sweeping trend of glitter nails, I too, have jumped back on the bandwagon (Regardless of glitter being a pain in the a!#* to remove !) I recently found this bargain copper glitter varnish from BodyCare for £1.00 , and decided to create an ombre'y glitter nail ! I hope you like the look . Here is how I did it;

Prep nails, I've added two clear base coats (To make it a little easier when it comes to removing the glitter polish)
Technic nail varnish , £1.00 , Body Care
I then did one full coat using the copper glitter varnish over the full nail.

I then added two coats of the glitter to the tips only, which gives the ombre'd glitter effect.. Unfortunately , the camera doesn't really pick up how lovely the copper looks.
I will probably be wearing this look for a while, my friends and I really like it ! What do you think?

D x

1 comment:

  1. Love this colour! Be great if they could invent easy to remove glitter nail varnish that doesn't take half an hour to remove! XxxX


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