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Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Girl Who Caused The Storm

There has been a storm of controversy over one little girl. I'm sure many of you have heard or seen the copy of French Vogue, which has a mesmorising ten year old beauty gracing the cover.

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

It goes without a doubt when saying this little girl is absolutely beautiful ! Think of her as a collage of the most beautiful models in the world. The pout and teeth of Lara Stone, the face of Natalia Vondianova and the eyes of Adriana Lima. Without saying, this ten year old is going to have a packed life ahead filled with editorials and runway debuts. We can't keep putting Elle, Giselle and Kate through the traumas of lying in locations Thomas Cook doesn't even fly to, being pampered and made-up and then forced to look down a lense all morning, now can we.

The Vogue cover setting highlights her youth, the white dress and purity and her beautiful angelic face. However, turn the covers and this is what has caused the controversy.

The pictures are a reinterpretation of girls playing dress-up in make-up, heels, dresses and jewellery. Although this isn't the problem, the problem which has sparked the outrage is the adultness of the images, the sexuality of the not-even-teenage models.

Low gazes, pouty lips and sultry body language have caused the outrage of pedestalling child sexuality which promotes the wrong type of attention. However, if they weren't playing dress-up in their mothers clothes, there would be an outrage over children wearing make-up and using hot hair tools, followed with captions about children losing their youth. The pictures are what the viewer perceives of them, if you want to associate an image of sexuality around a young girl playing dress up and lying on a bed in low cut dresses - then that is what you are going to get, rather than a young girl who has seized the opportunity of playing with her mothers unattended finest, pretend playing the elegant sophistocated women which comes with the nature of a childs imagination. When I saw the images, I couldn't believe a ten year old could look so beautiful. At ten, I was covered in cuts, bruises clutching a football ready for the next curby tornament, but even when I tried on a pair of my mums heels - I too used to strut along the landing like I was first face at Milan fashion week.

What are your views on ten-year old Thylane Lena- Rose Blondeau?

D E T <3

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Winter Radiance

Hi beauties !

I hope everyone enjoyed their wonderful holidays and had a lovely Christmas / Newyear .. I hope you all were lavished with lots of love, laughter and luxurious food.

So, over the Christmas season, I'm sure we all know how frosty, cold and miserably rainy it gets. That is unless you're reading this from the Maldives, then in that case, we all envy you.

Because of the harsher weather conditions, it does call for a change in skin care. We have all suffered from low moisture in the skin, whether it is on our legs to our face. Noticing the dreaded 'Grey Knee'  occuring on those winter nights out (Grey adj. Knee n.  this is a result of the cold and dry skin which makes your knees look a tad grey. Unfortunately normally noticed when in the taxi, at the destination or on pictures the next day).

Personally, the cold weather creates an unpleasant array of problems to my face, from random dry patches of skin to chapped lips. I also used to suffer with acne (URFGGVHGF!), so I am a bit reluctant to keep applying moisturisers incase of breakouts. I usually use a very light moisturiser until winter time, then I switch to this foraken beauty MUST !

Nivea Creme , (Depending on size ) - £1.00 + available at drug stores, beauty counters, ASDA, Tesco etc

This is one of Nivea's classics ! I think everybody should have a tub of this at hand ! This is the ultimate dry skin therapy, forget expensive rehydrating skin creams, this is the best when it comes to tackling rough dry, coarse skin. It cannot be faulted for the price. I use it on my face where ever there is a dry patch, whether it is on my lips to around my eyes. It really absorbs into the skin. (I only got one spot which could of been down to anything from stress to the rich Christmas foods.)

As some may also know, putting foundation on over dry skin unflatteringly highlights that area. Also having thick heavy make-up on in winter isn't the most comfortable. What I have been doing is, applying Nivea to my face, as users know - it leaves a dewy shiny finish, then applying a cover of bronzer over to combat some of the shine yet create a tinted sheen.  

Rimmel Sun Shimmer; Duo Bronzing Powder 002 Brunette- £4.99 - Cosmetic stores, ASDA/Tesco etc

It also comes in a lighter shade but this is a good match for my skin tone. It has a shimmer to it so I use is sparingly, just dusting it all over the face. Working with the Nivea, it gives a very fresh summer skin look. I wouldn't use it for contouring or for a night out - especially with the lighting , unless you're appearing on Dancing with the Stars. But the pigmentation works well for a highlight over the cheek bones.

It is a nice alternate to wearing foundation everyday, especially as the slight shimmer helps to disguise some problem areas giving a fresh youthful glow to dull winter skin.

D E T <3