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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Anyone For Ombre?

I'm sure most people are familiar with the Ombre trend. Whether you have Ombre'd your hair to your clothes, we have all witnessed this trend on somebody. Unfortunately, if you are sick of it, it seems as if Ombre'ying isn't about to 'dye' down. (Eeek, That was awful! )

Personally, I am not one who is brave enough or infact would actually suit the Ombre hair which has swept the nation ! But... I am all for wild nails !!

Long over due is another nail trend. I have had to let my nails repair themselves ! (Dam you acrylics!) They have been really brittle since I have been trying to go au naturel. (I deserve an award for numerous occasions were I rejected the offer to get my talons back !)

This was my inspiration;

Ombre Nails as seen at Jen Kao
(I have to mention, this look was achieved using an air brushing nail art system!)

So here is the nail trend. Again, I am not a pro, this is my first attempt (Practice Makes Perfect!) so they are not going to be perfect, but what I love about Ombre is that it doesn't have to look like a B&Q paint colour spectrum sheet! Here is how I did it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Black Cab - £2.99

I chose to follow a similar colour scheme as the Jen Kao one. I put a generous amount of varnish at the bottom of my nail near the cuticle.

I used a spare eye shadow brush to dab the nail varnish outwards towards the tip to create a faded look.. (If there was too much nail varnish on the nail to begin with I just dabbed it with the eye shadow brush and then on to some paper.)

Barry M 017 Blue Turquoise - £2.99

I then started with the opposing colour and just did the same - using the other side of the eye shadow brush. Going against what clear nail varnish users should do !! I gave my nails a top coat of clear whilst my nails where wet so that they linked together more smoothly. (I wiped the brush before putting it back into the pot!)

And the result:

Ombre style nails. The picture isn't really showing the lighter shadings of the blue/black that well, you can see the detailing better firsthand.. But for a first try - I'm pretty impressed. If anyone is going to attempt it, be warned - drying time is the worst time !

D E T <3 


  1. Wow I have a french manicure on my nails(I don't know why because I always prefer dark colours,what happened to me?lol) but I'm ready to try this one.

    I really like this post

  2. These look amazing! I'm always looking out for new nail art to try!

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  4. They look really good,well done! Not heard of this nail trend but I will definitely try it some time! XxxX

  5. really look good,well done! Not
    heard of this nail trend cz im nt a chq :-) anyhu gr8 blog tho' bdw comethru my blogsometime n follow if u like what u c or read

  6. Thank you for the comments ladies ! Muaaah Dx

  7. I can't wait to try this! thanks for posting!

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