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Friday, 25 November 2011

Girl Panic

A very inspirational, rock & roll, glamorous ten minutes! High class, super models, paparazzi and a whole lot of glamour !

I never thought I would be singing along to a Duran Duran song but this video is amazing!  I love everything about it , from Naomi to Helena, the glamourous hair, make-up and clothes ! How amazing do all the girls look ?! It's Rock & Roll...


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Waste Not...

I'm not the type of girl to wear something once and then throw it to the back of the wardrobe for another season; or leave it a couple of weeks until I next wear it for fear of being caught wearing the same outfit twice. I'm sure everybody has some clothes which are memorable like statement jeans to a jacket, marking off the days from when you last wore it to when it's acceptable to be seen in it again.. Social stigmas ehhh !

I recently bought a pair of leather pannel motorcycle style leggings. These a quite a memborable piece, so I figured I could perhaps create a more subtler day/evening look. (I'm not letting those badboys go to waste! Haa ) This is what I teamed with the pants to tone the look down.

I wore a white vest underneath a rolled up, sheer grey shirt (I unbuttoned this wrong so I could get a more textured look). Leather pannel leggings and grey laced up brogues.

I just worked around the leggings and used more subtle clothes to dress them down.

Outterwear: I added a long grey faux fur gilet
(I'm working on the lighting!)

I always see a lot of people wearing random (Random is the word!) accessories on their wrists, from festival tags to ribbons.. I always stack 'things' on my left wrist.. This is what I wore with that outfit.

L-R , Tresor Paris bracelet,  crazy girl Marc By Marc Jacobs black bobble, yellow bird Marc By Marc Jacobs bobble, D&G watch & Hamsa bracelet.. Ring - Primark wrapped snake.
Final outfit.. Added my McQueen skull scarf over the top..

I never want to waste any piece of clothing ! I practically wear things until the seams are coming out ! I'm hardly on Tamara Ecclestones wage were I can afford to throw things away after one wear.. This is one way I wore them toned down, there are so many more ways.. Although, my style isn't going to be for everyone, but as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear you should definitely go for it!!

Thanks Muahh
D E T <3

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Anyone For Ombre?

I'm sure most people are familiar with the Ombre trend. Whether you have Ombre'd your hair to your clothes, we have all witnessed this trend on somebody. Unfortunately, if you are sick of it, it seems as if Ombre'ying isn't about to 'dye' down. (Eeek, That was awful! )

Personally, I am not one who is brave enough or infact would actually suit the Ombre hair which has swept the nation ! But... I am all for wild nails !!

Long over due is another nail trend. I have had to let my nails repair themselves ! (Dam you acrylics!) They have been really brittle since I have been trying to go au naturel. (I deserve an award for numerous occasions were I rejected the offer to get my talons back !)

This was my inspiration;

Ombre Nails as seen at Jen Kao
(I have to mention, this look was achieved using an air brushing nail art system!)

So here is the nail trend. Again, I am not a pro, this is my first attempt (Practice Makes Perfect!) so they are not going to be perfect, but what I love about Ombre is that it doesn't have to look like a B&Q paint colour spectrum sheet! Here is how I did it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Black Cab - £2.99

I chose to follow a similar colour scheme as the Jen Kao one. I put a generous amount of varnish at the bottom of my nail near the cuticle.

I used a spare eye shadow brush to dab the nail varnish outwards towards the tip to create a faded look.. (If there was too much nail varnish on the nail to begin with I just dabbed it with the eye shadow brush and then on to some paper.)

Barry M 017 Blue Turquoise - £2.99

I then started with the opposing colour and just did the same - using the other side of the eye shadow brush. Going against what clear nail varnish users should do !! I gave my nails a top coat of clear whilst my nails where wet so that they linked together more smoothly. (I wiped the brush before putting it back into the pot!)

And the result:

Ombre style nails. The picture isn't really showing the lighter shadings of the blue/black that well, you can see the detailing better firsthand.. But for a first try - I'm pretty impressed. If anyone is going to attempt it, be warned - drying time is the worst time !

D E T <3 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Hamsa Bracelet

I just want to thank everybody for all the support and the lovely comments I've been receiving ! It really does give me the enthusiasm to continue blogging ! I never thought I would have any followers or people leaving comments, truely overwhelmed ! Thank you all so much ! Mwaaaaa <3

 On to the post before I start getting emosh, rambling on about how overwhelmed and grateful I am aha;

I totally forgot I had even ordered this, but today I received a Hamsa bracelet. You might of seen many celebrities wearing them, like Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Maddona, Alessandra Amborsio, Ashton Kutcher.

They do come in many designs but I have the satin red lace with the gold Hamsa hand on.
Red Hamsa with gold hand
                   Excuse my nails, I'm having an awful time with them at the moment !

So this bracelet.. It is believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes. There is a belief that these eyes can cast curses which bring back luck, misfortune and injuries. They say the most common form of this is through envy. It is also linked to the Kabbalah bracelets which I've seen Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and Paris Hilton wear, which is the red string on the left hand - Red symbolising warning off evil. So this bracelet is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and protect against maliciousness,evilness and nasty people.

 Some people may believe it is a money making gimic, but the spirituality behind all of this has been derived from thousands of years ago - even before religions were involved.

You don't have to believe you are protected, but it definitely is a nice thought when you look down at your wrist and see a beautiful glowing red bracelet.  

D E T <3

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Alexander Wang INSPIRED Rocco bag

Do you ever get that obsessiveness, that when you find a bag or item of clothing or make-up, you can't actually stop thinking about it until you have it. Well this was the thing on my mind. I made up so many excuses to justify why I should have it. ''I have been working hard'' , ''I haven't bought myself anything for months'', '' I need a new bag for university '' ''blahhhhhhhhhhhh ' Yeah I came up with them all, even though I knew this bag wasn't going to be used to carry sweaty, dirty old books in them !

It is an inspired bag ! Not the real thing, and I got it for a crazy 30£!! A steal, to say the real thing costs £700 +!

This is the picture which inspired me to really want this bag !
Mary-Kate Olsen makes anything look amazing!

And this is THE bag ! (Sorry about my attire ! HAA Clearly for comfort! aha)

I actually saved it till I went to watch Paddy McGuiness on the saturday just gone. This is what I wore.
I didn't end up wearing the blazer , I thought I looked more like i'd just finished work so I put a fur coat on instead. Hair - messy scraped back A-Olsen inspired.

Leather pannel motorcycle leggings , White shirt, Alexander McQueen scarf , 7inch heels (BAD MISTAKE when walking down the MEN steps!! ) & the bag !

The bag is amazing, it is sooo roomy I can actually use it for a travelling bag !! I'm still in love with it ! Haa .. I think it is still available online to buy !!

D E T ! <3