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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bye Bye Baby

Ok, so I have been away for a whilllleeee now, and I know that you all have most likely read/seen so many reviews on the Maybeline Baby Lips, but I just still can't believe the hype.

                                         Maybeline Baby Lips , Boots/Superdrug £2.99

First of all, this packaging screams it all out to me - cheap! This product is not even worth £3 at all! I don't know which "Vogue editors rave about it", but to me - the products packaging is cheap and tacky looking (well for a 21year old female) and it does NOTHING it claims to do, except smell nice.

"It's a New York Fashion Week must have!!" . Ok, when I saw this quote in a top selling monthly mag, teamed with the products (misrepresented) quote claiming that this lip formula  will "moisturise lips for a full 8 hours" , I side tracked the Go Girl Magazine-esque look for the products ability. Boy, was I wrong. There is nothing moisturising about it, it's just an embarrassment to be pulled out out my bag. 
There is very LITTLE colour in this product,along with its little nourishing ability making it not a great buy if you're looking for a good nourishing lip balm with a tint. 
"Can you collect all five" not at all!! I wouldn't suggest buying any of them if you're looking for a good result lip balm. 

So we all know (those of us who live in Siberia- I mean , the UK), that we all need a good lip balm that is going to cure the fight between; Central Heating VS Frosty Windy Weather! Chapped lips are a staple in Winter, it is hard to avoid them. Let me set the scene, 

         You're walking in the windy frosty weather, hairs blowing all over the show, you're fighting with an umbrella whilst walking slow to avoid that car spraying you with everything that has been accumulating within that pothole. Your lips are dry but you haven't got time to re-re-re-re-re-reapply a balm that claims it will last HOURS, you lick your lips (we all do it!). You get home and sit next to the radiator to warm up. The next thing you know, your lips are chapped and cracked and splitting. (Do not re-lick!)  Instead, this little beauty will be your best friend:

                            Nivea essential Care lip balm, asda, pharmacies, boots, etc, £1.00

I have been using this for years, and nothing has ever come close to giving the same results. It is enriched with JoJoba oil and Shea butter which helps to lock in moisture to protect from dry lips whilst also nourishing damaged lips. It's a clear formula, which gives a nice gentle glossy sheen to your lips. It feels so creamy on and you can feel it lasting for such a long time. The results are instant. Your lips feel so much better after one application. It is also great to put on underneath your lipstick for a creamier effect. As it is so gentle, I even use it on dry patches of skin for a quick fix. 

In all, I have always used Nivea, nothing can compare to the results that this little lip balm gives for the same price. Nivea products are always winners, and their rich formulas work extra well during harsh winter months!!

I know a lot of you will have definitely tried this, and it should be a staple in your bag/pocket! I swear by it, and it will definitely be getting me through the big winter fight! 

Have you tried either of these, what do you think?

Dan x

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bows and Bespoke

Bows & Bespoke! What more can I say. Well a lot really. I am very proud to announce that the ever so talented, Chantal, has successfully created her own company - Bows and Bespoke. This is independently run by my sister, who put her love of bows and accessories together with her creativeness to design something new and beautifully Bespoke.
                                                  Bows & Bespoke by Chantal 

The idea begun when she whipped out the trusty sewing maching to create headbands and accessories for her daughter after unsuccessfully being able to find any designs or styles that she liked in shops or online. Before she knew it, after a few vintage headbands, a couple of florally crowns and a pair of elasticated baby pants modelled by baby Blush, the requests from her friends streamed in! 




And from there, it has gone from strength to strength. She has created an affordable range of beautifully hand crafted acessories loved from children to the fashion conscious. 

                                Bows & Bespoke ,  Belle

                                 Bows & Bespoke Knotted Turban range

                                Bows & Bespoke Halloweeen range

Her range includes items for even the most delicate and precious hair as she has created designs around gentle hair clips and bands based on her own daughters first hair- so mothers can be sure that there will be no snagging on those precious locks! 




Bows & Bespoke offers a range of designs and styles, from precious pastel bows to edgy leather turbans. 



And for high fashion looks for less, there are a lot of gorgeous prints like these made in to various styles.

                          Bows & Bespoke     Missoni style 

                             Bows & Bespoke Pucci style

                       Or even to more traditional Tartan Bows & Bespoke

There are so many choices to suit everybody! They are tailor made to your head size, shape and bow size. So if you are looking for an over sized beautifully hand stitched cushion bow, simple petite ribbon  to a pair of cosy frilly socks- you will find it all made by Bows&Bespoke. 

                                      Cable Knit Cottons , Bows & Bespoke

You can see a LOT more designs and pictures modelled by her daughter, her friends and even her pooch on as well as .

It is good to support small independent businesses. The entrepreneurship of Bows and Bespoke is hand crafted and sewn in the warmth and comfort of the family living room. You're getting that little bit extra for a little bit less. 


What do you think of the rest of the designs?

Dan x